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Virus Removal Service UK

Geek-Assist UK provides the best Virus Removal Service that will ensure removal of  any virus, malware or spyware from your computer for a low fee without you having to do anything.

Virus Removal Service UK can help you select the right antivirus for your computer.We can help you install and customize it according to your needs.Based on your system configuration and available resources, our technical experts can suggest what antivirus you should use.

Is your computer infected?

-Is your system running slowly?Does your computer have a virus?
-Do you have constant pop-ups asking to to call an unknown number?
-or any website you visit is full of annoying ads?
-Do you have spyware? Does computer performance seem abnormal?

If so, you may have a malware or virus on your computer. You can unknowingly download these from the internet, and this can wreak have on your system.

Our Virus Removal Service UK work with you on a personal level in order to tailor the right solution for you and/or your business. We install and maintain your equipment, ensuring that it is always operating at its optimum level.
Let our technical team help you.We can detect and remove viruses or malware so that your system gets back up and running quickly.

Geek-Assist online technical support includes:

  • Downloading and Setting up best suited antivirus for your PC
  • Configuring antivirus tailored to your needs
  • Running a complete system scan to ensure your PC is safe
  • Updating antivirus and setting up a routing scan schedule
  • Instant access anytime if your anti virus fails to remove certain infection
  • Skilled experts on all supported Antivirus softwares.

Some symptoms of an infected system are:

– Full page ads blocking every other window,we fix windows error problems.
– Software displaying suspicious warnings such as “Your PC is at risk! Call +1-408-331-9114 number Now!” or asking you to download / update your drivers.
– Websites are slow and riddled with Ads (an unusual amount).so here we provide complete web browser support.
– Unknown website redirection – You are entering site A but being redirected to an unknown site B.
– Unusual amounts of very high CPU or memory usage
– Your ISP has blocked your outgoing email ports or spam is being sent out to your email contacts.

Keeping your virus free not only keeps it running well, but also prevents you from a host of online threats like identity fraud, compromised internet banking, email accounts, and other personal information or files.

Our Virus Removal Service UK includes:

  • Removal of any virus, spyware, malware on your system.
  • Repairing any operating system issues and testing for proper functionality
  • Inspecting list of installed programs to look for rogue applications.
  • Installing anti-virus software
  • Performing critical system updates
  • Applying system modifications
  • Analyzing CPU / Memory for abnormal usage
  • Inspecting running processes
  • Checking startup list to find any malware executing itself on system startup
  • Configuring windows firewall
  • Configuring Windows update
  • Providing tips to help prevent future infections
  • Running a full system scan using a variety of tools depending on the severity of the virus / malware infection

If you will need the installation of Windows operating system. Our technicians will patiently guide you over the phone to help you get your computer up and running without any virus.


How much time does the Virus Removal service take?
– Typically Virus Removal Service takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes but can take longer depending on the severity of infection and size of your hard drive

What is my windows cannot boot at all?
– In a rare case where your windows has crashed and cannot start, we will attempt to help you start it in safe mode. If that does not help,
the only way is to format the hard disk and re-install windows through our windows installation service. You’ll need a separate computer to prepare the installation media.

Will I have to pay anything extra for the antivirus software?
– No. All of the antivirus software we use is free of any additional cost

What additional steps do I need to take after the virus removal service is completed?
– Sometimes viruses and other types of malware / spyware often come bundled with key loggers that record every keystroke on your password to gain access to sensitive information.
To minimize risk, we recommend that you immediately change passwords for every website of sensitive nature to prevent fraud;
This includes your internet banking / PayPal / Email accounts and any online medical portals that you have may accessed while your computer was infected with viruses.

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  1. Julie Bertolt

    I will gladly recommend their service to all my friends and family.

  2. Peter Henry

    They took very less time on the problem and went through everything and got rid of the virus. Very helpful and I would recommend this service to anyone.

  3. Jean Curle

    Outstanding Job!

  4. Mike shaw

    Great service thank you

  5. Gil Carlip

    I would definitely rate their service a 10!

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