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Backup and Recovery UK

Geek Assist UK brings you affordable Backup and Recovery UK service that can get you prepared for any PC disasters. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure all your sensitive data is backed up.

Are you facing Backup and Recovery issues?Recovering from a computer crash? Are you not able to access your data?What if you didn’t have a backup and you have lost data?

Backup your PC now, Prepare your computer to handle unforeseen computing disasters

Backup is one of the most essential thing in day to day computing, A monthly backup not only ensures protection for your data in case of trouble, but also ensures a quick recovery and saves you from the frustration or worry of losing it.
Take our PC backup plan, and we will ensure that you never lose that important file.

1) Backup all your important files on an external drive or a DVD of upto 40GB
2) Setting up system restore points for easy system recovery
3) Backing up System State (your applications, programs and settings)

We can help you in backup and recovery the application data and even deleted files under certain scenarios.

PC Restore

Have you just setup your computer? do you wish to restore a previously backed up data?

Then take our PC Restore plan, and we will Help you restore all the files that were previously archived.

It always seems like your computer crashes right when you are nearing completion of a really big and important project. To a small business, this loss of data—whether it be business documents, contacts or sensitive information—can be catastrophic. For that reason, it is extremely important that every computer and device on your network have a solid data backup system in place.

Let’s face it: in our modern world, more and more information is being stored on digital technology. This includes computers, external hard drives, devices such as CDs or flash drives, and even the cloud. While technology gives us the opportunity to store this information with ease—and in large quantities—it also makes us vulnerable to system crashes and hacks.

We also provide support to do online backup and recover issues to protect your data. We retrieve your data in its original format. we will provide you various other services based on your request.

As the name clearly suggests, backup is of the utmost importance, in case your operating system or your hard drive crashes, consequently you will lose all your sensitive data that may include documents of high importance.

A backup is a safeguard against data loss or corruption. Unfortunately, you can lose or corrupt data in a variety of ways;

You should opt for technical data recovery service, if you face issues such as:

  • We provide virus removal service.
  • Accidental file deletion
  • OS/software corruption.
  • Hardware issues.we also provide hardware services.
  • Your Media device is physically damaged & is not accessible
  • Your data is very important & sensitive – You need expert data recovery service
  • You want to maintain confidentiality of your data

We offer services that include:

  • Local Backup
  • Remote Backup
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Data Recovery

Not only does our online data backup plan offer protection for the computers in your workplace, it can also protect your server too. When you connect your devices, Geek Assist’s online backup automatically syncs your data. This way, no matter how mobile or remote your business, you can ensure that every single file is safe and secure.

Geek Assist UK is committed to providing superior Backup and Recovery UK service and support to all of our customers. As part of our commitment to supporting and advising SMBs, we bring you the best backup available, ensuring that you never lose any of your critical files.

Backup and Recovery UK service provides you a means to take secure backups and an easy recovery method

6 reviews for Backup and Recovery UK

  1. Marlon Emily

    I am so pleased with your service. Thank you Geek Assist

  2. Darryl Derby

    They spent all the time it took to solve the problem, answered my questions and were very thorough. Thank you! I would highly recommend to use this geek assist tech support

  3. Jill Shaw

    I just wanted to say thank you and you people are the best.Sincerely,

  4. Aimee Rilley

    Thank you so much Geek Assist for resolving my problem. I thought all my files were lost. You saved my time and money. You are the BEST Tech Support

  5. William Tillson

    A score of 10 for sure.

  6. Erin Johnson

    You have provided services to my satisfaction. Thank you!

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